MOBE Marketing System:
How To Get 90% Commissions?

By Leveraging The Power Of A Tested & Proven Business Model!

With MOBE you will be “licensing” our  Best-Selling Products.

When you “license” someone’s product, you pay for the rights to sell that product and keep the money instead of just getting a portion. So instead of getting 50% as a regular affiliate, you can get 90% commissions as a licensed partner. 

Now, why do you get 90% instead of the full 100%?

Well, I had a choice when setting up this program. I could either…

  1. Give you full commission for all sales but also require YOU to handle customer service, pay merchant fees, run your own phone sales team, deal with technical issues, manage a staff of 30+ people, and charge you for hosting and website fees.
  2. Take just 10% of sales coming in and handle all of that for you so you could concentrate on sending traffic and making easy money.

I thought you’d prefer the second choice. To be honest, 10% doesn’t quite cover everything I have to pay for in taking care of a new customer… but I’m Ok with a loss up front because I know I’ll be making money on the backend.

Now, this licensing model is infinitely better than any other “online marketing” model because everything is DONE FOR YOU and you still get all the benefits – and commissions – from a successful business with a proven product line.

In fact, this licensing model works so well that is has resulted in over $10 MILLION in commissions paid out to my partners.

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